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Zelacom is an experienced Internet consulting firm, creating quality sites and solutions since the inception of the World Wide Web. We have a long history of achieving tangible, bottom-line results, and measure the success of our work by just one criterion: how much it benefits the client.

Site Update
Early in 2013, the creaky old website was thankfully retired. First published in 1996 (and little changed since then), it was always last to receive our attention, and it showed. Since then we have completed hundreds of projects large and small, for the Fortune 500 all the way up to mom & pops. We currently are focused on our suite of web applications that serve a diverse selection of specialized industries: insurance loss control, shared and excess commercial office space leasing, community newspaper publishing, and medical diagnostic assesments. As always, we would be honored to discuss your Internet needs and ideas.

Until the brand-spanking new site is released to an eager public, you will have to learn about us an old fashioned way - talk, fax, email or stop on by.

Zelacom Electronic Publishing, LLC
1 Market Street
Ellenville, NY 12458
845-647-8711 vox
845-647-8713 fax

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