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    Internet Consulting

For clients seeking assistance in planning their Internet strategy, Zelacom offers Internet consulting services. We conduct research into your organization and your industry, then draw on our experience to determine the most appropriate use of Internet technology for your needs. Our consulting services include:

Strategic Needs Analysis
Competitor Analysis


One of the most important phases of Web site development is the up-front assessment of your organization's unique needs. It is no longer enough for a site to simply exist; it must further your strategic goals in some way. A Web site can be a marketing tool, a sales tool, or can be used to streamline some internal functions of your operation. Zelacom can help you determine how you stand to benefit from the Internet and which technologies are best-suited to assist you. We perform:

Site Upgrades and Enhancements
The rapid pace of change that surrounds the Internet has given rise to new technologies and new ways of using them. Incorporating the ones that serve your customers gives you an advantage over your competitors and prevents a dated look. Zelacom can advise you on which of these advancements will benefit your Web site.

Strategic Planning
Our familiarity with the technology and history of the Internet allows us to envision long-term applications for your business. Zelacom can assist you with planning your technological future, based on your operational procedures and Internet trends in your industry.

Site Mapping
Zelacom can map out what should be included in your Web site and how the site should be organized. We can tell you which options will have the maximum impact on your target audience, both in terms of content and usability. Our knowledge of Internet usability issues will ensure the optimal site for your budget.



Zelacom understands that your Web site does not exist in a vacuum. Zelacom can conduct research into your entire industry, examining the Web strategies of:

Your Industry - studying the ways the Internet is currently being used throughout your industry, as well as those functions specific to your industry that could benefit from Internet technology.

Your Direct Competitors - reviewing the Web sites of your closest competitors, and advising you on how to gain a competitive advantage by making your website more effective.

Our competitor reports detail the results of this research and include a recommended plan of action based on our findings.


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