Keiser Equipment

Keiser Equipment


Keiser Equipment started out serving the vibrant resort economy of the Catskills, supplying everything from refrigerators to flatware to the kitchens that fed the Borscht Belt. As those grand hotels faded in popularity, the company leveraged the burgeoning internet to reach a wider audience for its inventory of new and used products for commercial kitchens.

Disaster struck in 2011 when the one of the company’s servers was compromised, opening the floodgates to a vast array of viruses, worms, adware, and malware. It was so thoroughly infected that it completely shut down, taking the online business with it. Compounding the problem was the disappearance of the vendor who originally set up the system, not a shred of documentation or knowledge of what systems and software the server used, and not even a backup to work from.

This was forensic work — we had to extract what data we could from damaged disks, and determine what software had been installed. What couldn’t be reconstructed had to be extrapolated, keeping in mind that the goal was to restore the site to its previous functionality. We succeeded in restoring the database — with years of order and inventory history — and getting them up and running by week’s end.

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