TriNourish (TrN) is a suite of rich diagnostic assessment tools that is pioneering a new direction in wellness therapeutics. Combining sleep, diet and exercise methodologies, the system generates a highly detailed report of assessments based on current research in sleep and nutrition medicine.

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In 2011, Zelacom was challenged by a group of medical professionals and health industry experts of to create a suite of interactive tools to improve health and reduce health care costs in the area of sleep medicine.

The world of medicine is changing radically and rapidly. With budgets tight and cost-cutting a must, patients are paying more out-of-pocket. Some health services have been hit harder than others as insurance companies question every line item. Sleep studies are one such area where coverage has tended to evaporate.

TrN suite integrates nutrition, exercise and sleep science into a dynamic assessment platform to improve overall health. The platform uses a two-pronged approach of educating the patient by diagnosing conditions and offering remedies, while also facilitating consultations and assessments from health care professionals, either online or in person. This online triage system helps doctors determine if a specialist may be needed, or other steps need to be taken.

The system is currently being tested in a number of locations.

The proprietary logic system, Integrated A.R.T. (Assess & Recommend Technology) consists of a core engine of weighted and branching questions. Known in the artificial intelligence world as an “expert system”, A.R.T. emulates human decision-making to diagnose health issues and recommend solutions.

The system compares user input to a vast database of medical facts and data to draw inferences and automatically offer educational material directly to the patient, and further treatment and diagnosis recommendations to the healthcare provider.

This core expert system is highly customizable, with a number of independent modular features to extend functionality to fit a specific medical practice or discipline.

The core technology used consists of highly customized database and server-side scripting using AJAX and JavaScript.